Sunday, June 1, 2008

Arrogant bunch of little rascals

When’s the best time you’v ever had on a weekend? Let me take a guess. Probably during that night disc or on that date with that beautiful gal or is it on those booze parties with friends or may be during re-unions or on those wild goose chase long drives and gupshups with friends……. But for me @ Chennai the last couple of weekends have been, what should I call them? – No words would gauge even a miniscule of it.

When the ‘Champions’ (that’s the Co 2009 @ Great Lakes) set on their new journey @ Great Lakes, little did we realize what was in store for us. All other mild shocks and startles being constant, we experienced a slight tremor when one of our dear professors announced that all the groups need to work on a project ‘Karma Yoga’, to serve the under privileged and the needy. It got even better when we came to know that we had to do a mandatory number of hours per week service and we would get our credits based on it and no wonder what followed was cribs, moans, sobs, bawls, wails, weeps and everything you can imagine of.

And then…….

A month and a half down the line – there’s one group who passionately works with some NGOs for abolishing child labor, another who is working on anti tobacco and smoking concept, some helping rehabilitate the fire victims in the college vicinity, there’s another group who travels all 4 hours one way to just see those broad smiles of the physically challenged kids, a team who would reflect what the world looks like out there to all those blind kids, one bunch which would cater to the slums (in the actual sense) and help them learn living skills, a gang who tries to motivate all those drop outs and people who gave up hope in life… This list is just a never ending one and I mean it. It’s not just the list that should touch you but the amount of effort and conviction each of them puts in.

While my team puts in their relentless efforts to teach those school drop outs some much needed Hindi and English, I love watching the rest of those tiny weeny creatures playing away to glory on the sands of the tsunami hit area, their cute smiles, their long wait for those chocolates, their sweet greetings of good evenings and hellos in that incomprehensible English. A bag of chocolates vanish in just a nanosecond and they would come and wish you ‘Happy Birthday’ and they wouldn’t heed to you when you say it isn’t your birthday. Arrogant bunch of little rascals eh?? How I wish I could have brought them all back home and snatch my share of those reasonless smiles while playing away to glory with them. I can’t wait to get back to them…

Now we don’t care if we get those Credits or not. Each of us is thoroughly engrossed in a new world, carried away by its winds and breathing anew in life. We for sure will take some time to come back into this world.

And yeah it’s breezy and windy in Chennai. Probably a herald of a tycoon of assignments and group tasks, a hurricane of deadlines and submissions, tornado of pre-class reads, whirlwind of committee meets and tasks and a typhoon of lectures.

Let me survive these storms and those adorable sweety pie creatures while you wait for my next post…..

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