Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hope Hope and Hope

With two of my mid term exams gone for a toss, Greek and Latin classes of statistics, intimidating Macro economic classes wherein I don’t get scores coz I bunk them, flooding terminology in Psychology in which I can’t remember even one definition, Nightmares in accountancy classes, Yet unable to figure out what should I base my Empirical research on while my peers are already 10 steps ahead of me….. What else can I think of other than ‘HOPE’.Edit post

Personally, this has been my most favorite word in the English language. Not only is it my factor of existence but also my survival system. This concept is so much submerged in me that sometimes it scares me. I can’t refrain from quoting my favourite lines from ‘Shawshank Redemption’ - “Hope is a good thing. May be the best of all. And no good thing ever dies.” So next time, you face a set back, all you need to do is jus ‘Dream On’ for Hope is not a bad thing at all….

The other stuff:

It is a worth mention of the nightmares we are going through in the financial accounting class.

In the accounting class

Student 1 : Can we debit a credit? (Boy! Neva thought on these lines)

Student 2 : If there is a company ‘A’, which has taken over company ‘B’ and there is a company ‘C’ to whom company B owes sums, and there is a company ‘D’ which is a creditor. Now how would company ‘A’ account for the transactions if company ‘B’ goes bankrupt?? Googly !! This one I know is straight from sleep.

Student 3 : Why do companies follow a credit system?

Student 4 : How do companies track how much dividend is paid? (I loved the answer from our professor – ‘U gotta employ someone to do that’ – in a quite obvious kinda tone) - This one was awarded the question of the year by the Co2009.

Statistics mid term exam – an open book (an open laptop too) test – just one problem to solve – close to one hour duration – I would demean it by calling just a disaster. The term Co 2009 coined is ‘165 X 1 Disaster’ (165 students to one ‘Bond’ kinda professor). The reactions after the exam – ‘What? Is that a question?’, ‘Dude, I don’t even know what that means’. ‘Grrr.. someone tell me what is this all about’, ‘Boo Hoo Hoo, there goes my GPA’, ‘Goodbye MBA’ and so on


The first instance of a student kicked out of the class for the Co 2009.
First set of fines for chatting on mail and cross talking in the class levied by Honor Code committee

More laterz...

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