Saturday, May 17, 2008

12 Angry Men

My day started with a ‘BANG’, much against my expectations, for it was supposed to start with a psychology lecture. Yes it did start with the lecture, but something left me awestruck and in deep contemplation. The professor was generous enough to let people continue their last night’s sleep and thus says ‘Lights off’ and woo there was a movie clip. What else can you ask for at those wee hours in the morning? But hang-on. If you thought I dozed off too, Henry Fonda didn’t let me.

Yes, we watched ‘12 Angry Men’, an American drama film, about a jury member who tries to persuade the other 11 members to acquit the suspect on trial on the basis of reasonable doubt. The objective of this video was to learn our ‘Psychology concepts’ and yes we did discuss ‘social influence’, ‘Conformity’, ‘Compliance’, ‘Obedience’, ‘Normative Behaviour’, ‘individuation’, ‘ingratiation’, ‘foot-in-the-door’, ‘Door-in-the-face’, ‘That’s-not-all’, ‘Rational Persuasion’, ‘Coalition Building’ etc..

While this is one side of the story, what left me enthralled is Henry Fonda; rather his conviction. While the techniques were irrelevant to me, his fervor still reverberates in my thoughts. How many of us would stand up so strong on our beliefs and thoughts? When is it last that we fought hard for what we thought was right in spite of all odds against us? Wouldn’t we yield to the majority’s opinion and just lose our self? Well well, confessions first, at least I wouldn’t have. A decade ago this would have been probable for me but not anymore. Reasons – the so obvious ones. For once, I wanted to go to my professor and pass across a big smile (coz I always glower in his class) and mention a ‘Note of Thanks’.

And now on the lighter note to end the blog and my day, I and my roomies are making ‘Business plans’ for ‘dabba business’ (Read Carriage Meal). Not just one but one with plans of Globalization, Affordability Vs PP (For all those of you wondering, its - Purchasing Power – Please do read a little of Economics), Innovation etc etc..

Adios for now and Ciao soon….

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