Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A pat on the back

My day started with a small feeling of discomfort and needless to say that it carried forward to all my classes. There was this strange feeling that something was not alright but I dono what it is. Half day thru, after some heavy doses of classes, a nice lunch and some serious learning of Chinese for the assessment test that’s awaiting us, there was a bunch of folks who came to me with some questions in accounting. Well, I love the subject and I love teaching. So, there was I at, my best and folks around me listening attentively. At this point one of our Profs walks in and watches this and asks me a couple of (not-so-obvious) questions on accounting. N you should have guessed that I gave the answers, rather vomited them. He immediately said something like “I like it. You show a keen interest and passion. I observe that in my classes too…..” (Disclaimer : not the exact words)

Do I need to mention, how this small gesture turned my 'Not-so-good-day' into 'What-an-awesome-day'. If you are thinking that was kiddish, then stop being a loser in life. This is what I exactly want to convey. How many times in life did we ever relish a compliment in its true sense? Did you ever sit back and think of all those good things people have told you? N who wouldn’t like compliments any ways? I would call em ‘Blessings in disguise’. As am writing this, am fondly tapping back all those sweet little praises showered on me. So, y don’t you too sit back just for a moment and go back to the memory lane and dig out those sweet lil praises shot at you?

It wouldn’t harm you anyways !!!

Well, the story doesn’t end here. As I always say my favorite side is the ‘Other side’. If when you are reading this, you are thinking of how to make someone’s day by giving a compliment, bingo you are the ONE ! If all it takes to make someone’s day is a few nice words, then there shouldn’t be any stopping.

It wouldn’t harm you anyways !!

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