Monday, May 19, 2008

Missing my weekends on weekends

Weekends before joining MBA

  1. Party till the cows come home.
  2. Crazy freak outs till early hours – Go to those night shows – enter those addas illegally (thru their kitchen) where you get food at midnight – then go for some ice creams at Ohries at 3 in the morning – Oh! How I miss all those.
  3. Get togethers @ Friend’s rooms and discuss anything and everything under the sun and suddenly feel the halo around us.
  4. Cook a multi course dinner and pat my own back (coz its edible people – now appreciate that)
  5. Drink away to glory at home ALL ALONE in absolute PEACE.
  6. Watch back to back movies, say 4-5…
  7. Compensate all those sleepless week days by sleeping away to glory – Like you don’t care even if someone knocks your door – let em…
  8. Play Cricket with the galli kids and get a feel of euphoria like winning some world cup likes.
  9. Go Carting, then pubbing and then those long drives with some romantic hindi numbers on – ooo la la !!!
  10. Chat away to glory with all those friends till its time for the sun to wake up and then hit the breakfast buffets, eat away to glory and then go home and hit the sac !!

This list would go on and on……………………………..

Weekends after joining MBA

  1. Analyse the inflation trends in Indian economy and explain whether its globally driven or locally driven (what on earth does this mean now !!)
  2. Realise at 11:00 PM in the night that I ought to have dinner, and to my utter dismay the adda is closed…
  3. Practice ‘Chinese’ (of all languages on earth) with the aid of some CD for a test on Monday. Dono how close would I get to it.
  4. Attend those Jargonish classes and act as if you understood it all and you are gonna be the next strategist.
  5. Make plans - of who is doing which part of the assignment (not of which pub, who all for the party, what time kinds)
  6. Pre reads of 100s of pages
  7. Assignments, Submissions, Group tasks, Deadlines, Tests, Term exams, penalities..
  8. Dreaming of 1 just 1 day off at the end of the term….

This list too would go on and on....

Need I say more?
And NO, I am NOT cribbing.

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