Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Much to Blog and So much time on hand

I am out of my hibernation at last. Too much of time on hand is the primary reason for not blogging of late. There is so much to blog but so little energy.

First things first. A gang of 50 of us decided to live our weekend to the fullest and the result was a trip to Pondichery. I kinda remembered my school picnics for once. Why not? I could hear all songs from country and pop to devotional songs. Courtesy : My classmates on the bus. Neva heard of such original signing in my life. Crazy episodes on the beach till 2 in the night and being shirked away by the police are worth a mention. For the first time I saw my folks going senti. Yes, they did. At 1 in the night on the Rocky beach, we lie down with water splashing on our face, and then come the songs ‘ye dil bekarar kitna, ye hum nahi jaante’, ‘ehsaan tera hoga’, ‘dil tere bin kahi lagta nahi’….. What else should I deem them to be if not senti ??

Our lectures and guest lectures being constant, life seemed normal when out of the blue came our prof. Vaidy. With an exorbitant intro of him we got started on our Operations Management classes. His unique filmi style of teaching caught all of us in wonders. He made all of us close to cry on the last day by saying we would miss all these days. Senti No:2 again.

Today was the last day of our corporate finance lectures by another great professor. These classes are beyond any words. Probably just our sleep sagas could explain better. The class was in extreme jubilation today while seeing him off. Don’t know why. Seriously, I don’t know. He had this out of box thinking and as a result of it everyday we get to hear some motivational quotes and a story or two to inspire us. BUT today, the feeling was somehow different. There was no lampooning around when he played for us the song ‘chodo kal ki baatein… Hum Hindustani !!’ Am sure all of us were in the spirit of it in the heart of our hearts. Senti No:3 (I know it’s an overdose, yet can’t help it)

How can I forget to mention the Vedanta classes we are attending? You need to believe that we ought to read ‘Upanishads’, ‘Gita’ and Vedanta. This is a core subject meaning no free riders. There’s an end term exam of this paper on Monday. Towards the end of this subject it is certainly an understatement if I say we are at the verge of insanity. Outside the classroom, inevitably everyone lands up using the terms ‘Atman’, ‘Brahman’, ‘Mind, Body and soul’, ‘Prana’, ‘OM’ …. Every conversation has to land up with a Vedanta tag to it, be it at the chai stall or at the resource centre. God Save us !!

For a change I started giving up in life. I dono if this is an indication of becoming wise and shunning the kiddish attitude or may be it’s a polished way of being complacent. For the first time I was using these phrases – ‘a few things are just beyond my span’ ‘If it were meant to be, it would be’, ‘you really can’t force some things in life’… Well, all I can say is ‘It is so much unlike of me’.

And above all the strange feel that something is missing in my life, not jus missing but direly missing and I have no clue as to what it is. Did you experience this before? If so, leave a note. May be you will help me figure out…….

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asgar said...

I knw what you missing siri.......u missin apollo management..may be u can just visit hyd and visit apollo.....i am sure u have figured out who am i talking abt?