Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You win some, You lose some !!!

The title says it all. Doesn’t it? I was watching a movie way back, the climax of which was strongly embedded in my heart. The kid, who plays the lead role, picks up his journal and writes: ‘Winning is not always a Victory and Loosing in not always a Defeat’. How true. It’s all in your attitude. How many times have you lost out and yet had a sense of pride? And aren’t there instances when you win but you are not exactly in a state of ecstasy? The win is in the fight itself; the stronger the fight, greater the fun And also in knowing that you have to lose sometimes to win !!!

No one would want to lose or get a ‘NO’ as a response. And when it happens it best suits to be optimistic, rub your collar and say “Well, it wasn’t in my hands” and get on to your mark for the next challenge ahead. Over years I have realized that I have two choices in life. First – To keep looking back and crib over all that I have lost, Second – To move on in life clinging onto those small opportunities that I see ahead. The choice is a quite obvious one.

And that is exactly why I say – ‘You win some and You lose some’

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