Friday, June 6, 2008

The Madness begins

At the end of a tiring day full of lectures, pre-reads and assignments this is what the class had to say. Some felt they needed Rehab too. With downpour of marketing jargons and a macro economics class on Monetary and Fiscal policies what else can one say? Then comes the usual – Assignments, submissions at wee hours and pre-reads. This has become our respiratory system at Great Lakes. You might not wanna know what’s in store for the coming week, but I would anyways mention that – Loads of Pre-reads, Harvard Reviews, Macro economics End term exam, Marketing Project submission, Marketing End term exam, Fin Accounting End term Exam, Stats exam, Psychology exam, an assignment in Chinese, Another Macro assignment, Mad search for research guide and in between Place comm. Meets and tasks………I felt like running away from all these, probably into some woods and live in peace !!!

Foot in the mouth incident for the day

After being rejected by loads of guides for my empirical research, I decided I will be nice and paly with one of the Asst Profs so that she would help me with a guide. As I entered the room, I observed she was carrying and she also mentioned that the baby was due in 2 months. In an effort of rapport building my usual questions followed – ‘Where do you hail from? What’s your background? What made you choose Research area? And then comes the bang bang question – ‘Oh! Are you married?’

Some one please kill me !!!!

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asgar said...

lol!!!!! this instance reminds me of Business writing lect who always says... "Target your goal and ignore whats going around..just concentrate on what u want........hahahhaha....