Sunday, June 8, 2008

Those were the best days of my life

It was my ‘Happy Birthday’ yesterday. Well, this is exactly how I used to refer to my birthdays when I was a kid, hell bent on making it a happy one. When I was a kid, I awaited my birthdays in great excitement. Those small birthday parties with all kids around, my news dress to flaunt, that tempting cake and snacks and more of all I being the limelight of the evening, was so much fun. As days passed by and I supposedly started growing up the syndrome took a

‘U’ turn. I grew up enough to understand that there’s one year that went by and I am growing old by a year. When birthday parties burnt my pocket money and I never got the dress I wanted, it was no more fun. Life changes, and very soon !!

Though it’s an open secret that ‘Time flies by’, I can’t believe that more than two and a half decades passed by after that pic on the moped with my mom. Those were really the best days – Stopping every visitor at our door for a packet of Cadburys Gems, tumbling down from the stairs of our bedroom to reach kitchen, my favorite play with tomatoes, waiting for my dad to come home for that ride on the moped, my hide and seek games with my mom beneath the cot, running towards the rail track behind the school when I hear the engine whistling and have the staff running behind me, threatening my dad for chocolates by sitting on the roads and crying aloud (beating my legs and hands too), my mommy’s spanks for being the naughtiest kid ever, playing on those sand heaps with those street urchins…..

I guess this phase happens to all of us. When we were too young to go to school, we cry and break the hell loose to go to school, and then when it’s time for you to go to school you wouldn’t want to; when in school we badly want to surpass it and get to college and when in college you would do anything to start working and earn money; Once tangled in the corporate conundrum you want to go back to your college days !!!!

Too many birthday blues for the day.. But it wasn’t just that. My birthday special included an assignment on Harvard Business Review of ‘India on the Move’ till wee hours, classes with a gap of just a couple of hours and an exam scheduled the next day.How can I forget to mention the greasiest cake that went splash on my face at 00:00 hours in the college. I guess it’s an indicator of how much we would stick to each other for the coming one year and for a lifetime ahead…….

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