Saturday, October 4, 2008

Same old shit, Just another day

The last 2 days has been maddening.. For the lack of a good diction I am unable to use any other word for the state we are in. Or may be there's no such word so far in the English language to explain our state of helplessness.

A cursory glance : While I try to recollect, the last time I had a couple of hours of sleep at a stretch, I vividly remember all that we did or rather had to do in the last 24 hours. 3 Case studies in Marketing Management, One Marketing PPT, One OB exam, One Operations Management Exam, One OB Presentation, 2 HRM assignments, 6 hours of classes... What People gotta say - 'WTF'. We were all earnestly wishing a day had 48 hours instead of 24 hours. How we managed to do all of em in 24 hours is the best kept secret !!!

The OTHER side : Night outs @ Lake Veeranam are absolute fun with gyan sessions all around, people running helter skelter in a wild goose chase. The craving for small naps of 10 minutes is baffling. Wait for the dawn and catch the anna at Tapri and demand ur mug..err.. cup of chai, reading the 'Omnitel Pronto Italia' case at the tapri and while walking on the road when the sun is jus about to wake up.. Wow.. a scintillating feel it is.. A sudden peep into one year down the line when we would be missing all this craziness.. These are enuff boosters to continue our maddening endless journey.

Let me check my schedule and figure out when is the next possible slot for my sleep..

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Anonymous said...

well...thats what makes Great Lakes..Great..
this turned me nostalgic...i still remember going to sleep when the others started their day.. :)
What fun :)
Life @ Great Lakes Rocks!!