Monday, September 8, 2008

33.33% MBA - Still live and Kicking !!!

I feel like giving the expression of a newly crowned 'Miss Universe', thru which she tells the world that she didn't expect this rather she doesn't deserve it.. However, I refrain. I refrain coz we all sweated our blood and broke our bones to reach the 1/3rd MBA stage (C'mon xgerations are allowed on my blog).

Whoeva said 'Actions speak louder than words', would feel sorry coz I say 'Pictures speak louder than words'.. So, all the intelligent lot out there would hav guessed what my blog is gonna b about.. It's just a picture speak of the first 1/3rd MBA.. Watch on...

Hosted shows


United we stand


All the pappus who can dance


Travelled in disco lighted busses


Photo hei tho hum bhi haazir hei…


Sweet revenge on my B'day


@ SWIM '08


All Gals party - Theme : Haunted afterall, Y shud bouz hav all the fun?


Watched movies... n neva let anyone else in the theatre watch the movie..


Doing what we do best


Learnt some coercion and threatening techniques... (All part of MBA)


Roamed around.. jus like loafers...


And as they all say 'last but not the least' - Studied for a change...


THE 'Gang'





  Salsa at its best ;)

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manik1383 said...

awesome fun...shit man why did i grow old :(