Sunday, August 3, 2008

Disc, Dinner and a play

Last couple of days has been fun. They were damn screwing too. It’s like that ‘Ceteris Paribus’ clause. Life is damn screwing here but if u wish to, you could have fun.

Friday night it was Opium, the disc @ Accord International. I was skeptical bout going to a disc in Chennai, and on top of it a disc which has entry fee and cover charges. I entered and immediately banged my head as the DJ very proudly announced ‘This is DJ Arpit with you folks tonight and lets have fun on this ‘Desi night’. I saw the small ray of hope disappear in the darkness of the disc. We slowly settled for some initial round of drinks n hit the dance floor (coz we had no choice). By 2 in the night, we were all drop dead and couldn’t shake a leg anymore. From Bacardi to Tequila, name it n it was there. From those stares and glances for our stupid dances to the DJ liking our train dance on the floor it was craziness unlimited. We didn’t stop there.. we were at our creative best when we were dancing salsa, jive, the local tapangothun dance, train dance, folk dance, lion dance, tribe dance.. Boye!! we rocked !!!

Now the dinner – For the last 3 months in Chennai it has been sambar n rice during the day n even in my dreams. Last night it was dinner time, real dinner. Went to an O’some restaurant called ‘Spikeys’. The punch line of this place - ‘Never trust a skinny chef’. Their menu – American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese……. It would be an understatement if I say the food was excellent. And the place was so damn different. For the first time in Chennai I think I saw someone who cares for their customers, a place everyone would smile at you, a place with amazing marketing and branding strategies… Simply put – It’s Brilliant !! I have decided I will do a project on this restaurant. So, I get to go again, Hurray !!!

N Today it was a play – ‘The Electronic city’ by InDeACT, a German theatre group. The theme of the play is – ‘A look at humans coping when technology fails them’. It’s about Tom n Joy, Tom – a consultant who travels across the world and Joy works for an airport super market chain. Bitter true life facts I’d say it’s about. Somewhere down the line it gets too abstract and you would very inadvertently sit on the edge of your chair. The hard work the team put in was so evident in their play. Kudos to them. The theatre fest runs for another week with some more brilliant plays. Hope I would take out some time for some of em atleast…….. Ceteris Paribus again..

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