Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's not you. It's me.

The free time I had towards the end of my second term explains all my movie / T.V. watching episodes. With enough justification of the subject of my latest blogs, I do not want to dilly-dally too much on it.

My recent watch was a series of the American serial ‘Coupling’. A much needed cheap slap stick comedy for our mundane lives here. The very first episode titled ‘Flushed’ was an eye opener. The scene was between a guy and his gal friend.

Guy : It’s over between us
Gal : You want us to split up?

Guy : Yes, it’s over. Look it’s not you. Ok? It’s me
Gal : Then why am I the one who’s getting dumped? You should be the one that gets dumped. (I loved this answer)

‘It’s not you. It’s me’ - From whatever experiences I have heard of so far, this is so TYPICAL of any break up. Or even worse, when people use this polished way of saying ‘SORRY’ to some one. This is heights of timidity. So many things in life are so much beyond logic and rationality and it makes absolute sense for them to remain so. And I never understand how someone tries to attach logic and reasoning to it. All I can say is ‘C’mon grow up. And face the facts’.

Other than the contemplating episode there is something that I am so excited about. I was never good at my grades all thru. And the trend continues in MBA even today. But for a change I got an A+ grade. The best part is I need not write my exam and yet I get the highest grade in ‘Managerial Accounting’. My dean has conferred this grad upon me and am sooooo glad about it that I might not end this blog here. Though I do not want to I am.. ending the blog..

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