Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do you love me or Do you hate me?

While I was a kid I used to accompany my grand mother almost everywhere she used to go. She was nothing less than a ‘Rock Star’; I mean it. On one such occasion I happened to go with her to some spiritual discourse, where there was a famous swamiji dressed in the typical saffron robes and a huge gathering of thousands of people. Being a kid, I was not very interested in the speech but had to accompany my grand ma as the ritual goes. This man has blabbered for sometime on everything under the sun and then narrated something which even today sits somewhere at the back of my head.

The swamiji that morning was on his way to some place and a devotee was taking him in his car. Suddenly someone out of the crowd comes up to his car and abuses him in a very strong tone. The swamiji mentioned that, all he did at that point in time was – ‘He ignored the man’ comfortably and went on with his journey. He admitted to have committed a blunder and he regrets for doing that.

He goes on to explain that the cruelest punishment you can confer on anyone is to ignore them. People wouldn’t mind you even hating them but they wouldn’t want you to ignore them. We, human beings cannot live with this feeling of being ignored and it’s the most miserable state ever. Years down the line, I have realized how true it is. Probably it’s even worse if you ignore someone who cares for you. We all probably have been doing this all thru sometimes unintentionally and some times knowingly…

All I’d want to say is, someday we might be on the other side too…

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