Friday, October 17, 2008

Is this what they call it these days?

Most of our revelations, realizations and enlightenment happen at the chai tapri. Oflate there’s something that made me so glad and at the same time gave me a feeling which you would understand by the time you finish reading this blog…

Scene 1 - At the tapri

KD’s wife to KD : Chalo chalo, tumhe BGS ka assignment karna hei. Kal presentation hei…
Rest of us : Eh???

Scene 2 – Again at the tapri

DB's gal : I am not getting the name of the prof who says ‘…………………………’
Me : Who the hell is this? I don’t know any such professor..
KD’s wife : Why, isn’t that Prof Nagarani, HRM systems prof?
Me : May be (totally zapped)

Scene 3 – At the tapri

Gan : Hey, you need some info on Assessment centers, wait.. My gal is working in the the HR team. We can get some info from her.
(Before even I could take stock of things, he dials in the number, starts with a kuchi ku talk and hands me over the phone. I was preparing for giving her an intro, in the meanwhile)
Me : Hello
Gan’s gal : Hey Sirisha. The list of books that you have sent across to the class is so impressive. I need to get my hands on these books sometime. I ain’t getting enough time to read oflate, you see…

Is this what they call ‘Women Empowerment these days?’

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