Friday, February 20, 2009

Stressed out?

After an extremely frustrating and unfruitful day, I have decided to go to the gym at 8:00 PM to vent it all out. Dare you ask me the reason for my frustration. As I opened the doors I was shocked, there was almost everyone. The first line that came from me was ‘Saala idhar bhi line lagi hai. Job keliye tho waise bhi lambi line hai’ !! It was a feast watching my peers working out. They weren’t working out; instead they were all fighting with the equipment. Amidst that chaos (not music for sure), Mr V finishes his workout and drenched in sweat says (with an expression of dissatisfaction oh his face) “I am thinking I should run on the tread mill again” and off he goes onto it.

I have discovered another way of reducing stress. For all the Junta out there who is struggling for placements and is stressed out, here goes it

FLASH FLASH : I am watching Deli6 first day first show tomorrow. Remember that I am stressed out?

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