Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now Playing ‘Ek Choti si Naukri….

This is the song that is currently playing on our campus. Be it in the class, on the laptop, canteen, tapri it is – ‘Ek choti si Naukri’ by Kishore Kumar from the movie Naukri. It’s a super duper block buster now on the campus as the 2/3rds of us who are not yet placed strongly feel the song was written for us and only us.I am in all praise of Kishore Kumar’s power of Prophecy !! Here goes the song for all my readers. Follow the lyrics closely.

It has been a wild goose chase for me for the last couple of months. It’s consulting sometimes, Marketing sometimes, then it is Sales, sometimes it’s retail and now it is – ‘Just a Job’ Please !!! All I need now is

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Anonymous said...

good post. nice pic too. hope you and rest of the batch gets placed soon :-)