Thursday, February 26, 2009

Communication !!!

It is this time of the month when there is a financial crunch. Hence, I have decided to take a bus to Egmore instead of my usual lavish way of traveling by auto-rickshaws. I met an interesting gal in the bus and we could strike a conversation without any effort and in a jiff. A very talkative gal who could talk about everything under the sun she is. After a few minutes, the discussion transitioned on to her ex-boy friend. It feels weird when I think about it now - Two strangers on a bus and discussing one of their ex-boy!!

She fondly talked about him for sometime and gave me all the unnecessary details which I have never asked for. After her sweet innocent talks I felt like consoling her and in the attempt I spoke little of such guys who do not care for others feelings. Her response to this one amazed me and kept me thinking for a long time. She curtly stopped me n said ‘If only he knew that I love him so much, may be he wouldn’t have done this !!’

We have conquered this planet, mastered in communication technologies, took life to its heights with the aid of science and technology yet we fail to communicate or probably understand the person sitting next to us. What an irony !! It takes just a moment to communicate to anyone on the other side of the planet yet it takes ages to connect to our loved ones. I wish there was some technology which addresses this as well.

I wish each of us who struggle to communicate day in and day out with every entity we come across in our day to day lives – Happy communicating !!

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Anonymous said...

good post, sirisha!
my experience based funda to all of us who cannot communicate, 'Just do it'!!