Sunday, May 3, 2009

The First Show

It was 9:30 PM and RJ Archana of Bangalore had to rush to the Mumbai station to fill up for some RJ in Bangalore. And yes, I got a chance to witness the live recording.. 'Shuba Dina.. nimma hudgi archana....' blah blah she went on and on.. It was a wonderful feeling inside the Recording room with temperature around 15 degrees and scores of mikes around. One has to think twice before clearing the throat or even blinking your eyes (what if it makes some sound and its captured on the show.. ufff). Watching the crowd in the infinity mall from inside those glass doors from atop the building, in those freezing temperatures, listening to the live music the Mumbai RJ was playing in the next recording cabin was simply an awsome feeling. It was like 'Welcome to Media'.

I am yet to start my work. Tomorrow is my reporting in Mumbai station and I am so much looking forward to it. And Yes, I am loving Mumbaaai... More updates laterz..


Anonymous said...

Call me and mukesh ambani together in the show one day ;)

pradeep said...

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