Sunday, March 8, 2009

Follow me

Isn’t it difficult to lead? Well atleast I always thought so.

It was salsa time today. And first things first – I am a beginner and a pathetic beginner. I confuse my partner so much that he would forget that he is dancing salsa and would probably end up in jive or cha cha cha !! Now that I am so good at it, needless to say I need a strong partner so that I could simply follow him. Spin if he spins me, turn if he truns me etc.. After dancing for sometime my partner said – ‘You are just not letting me lead you’. Well, I brushed it off and started dancing with someone else. Well in the end, they all had one thing in common to say. It’s as if they were all echoing in sync and shouting at me –‘You just can’t follow. Can you? It’s so simple. You just have to trust me and take my lead’ Well, I have been so foolish all these days and thought it’s difficult to lead !!!!


Gauri Lonkar said...

lol..gud one..and then why on earth do they take leadership classes @ b schools i wonder :)

Sirisha said...

May be time they start follower courses and not just leadership courses :)

Anonymous said...

You could suggest your salsa trainer to name his classes, Jalsa with Salsa - it should work in Chennai ;-)
Follower courses - ha ha!! imagine a course titled, Follow Err Management or Managing to Follow or Following to Manage or something ;-)

Nit's Wit said...

leading is difficult..
and coz of followers like u :P
Wat does Gauri Lonkar know abt leadership...she didnt take the subject...hahhahaah

K.Ramachandran said...

All work-places have hierarchies . All are pyramidal. Hence, we should have 10 MBF ( masters in business followership) courses, per MBA course. Companies should recruit in the same ratio. ( Am i serious or joking ? )

Gauri Lonkar said...

@Nit Wits: You have never taken a course on honesty, integrity, decency, punctuality ?? Can i conclude something from this :P

Nit's Wit said...

that was a good try..Gauri :)
but I have studied Moral Science when I was in school and have learnt about all this :)

Sirisha said...

Peace Peace !!
@ Gauri & Nihit - You r giving the management new ideas on courses.. we already have enuff !! Spare the next batches..

@Ranga - I guess no matter wat changes u make to the name - Salsa wouldn't work in Chennai.. I am cribbing..

@Ramchandran - I love the idea of MBF course.. Will think of this one when I start a college of my own.. Am serious !!