Saturday, November 22, 2008

The MBA Jargons

I am in the process of compiling the most widely used MBA Jargons. I will come up with the list soon. However, for a taste, the toppers on the list are

1. Value-add
2. Competitive advantage.

I personally feel more than the two stated above, the most frequently used jargon here is the 4 letter F word - 'Fcuk'. A conversation between two MBA students goes like this
'Fcuk!! we have Fcuking classes back to back tomorro. There are 4 fcuking assignments to submit and 2 fcuking cases to study man.. and fcuk can u believe the fcuking classes start at 7 in the morning tomorro?'

I have asked one of my colleagues in astonishment if he really didn't feel a tinge of hesitation before using that word. And bang goes the reply 'Y should I? Afterall all of us have gotta do it at some point in our lives'.


Ali said...

Lol....good one... we have the same kind of situation and similar words used everyday......

Bachchan said...

damn f***kng post ;)